Let us talk about the underhanded, understated, under-the-table problem of racial bias in selling homes. Have you seen this? I said, have you seen this? A white lady from a low-crime, highly-maintained white neighborhood in Milwaukee had the audacity coupled with the capacity to ask if a person looking to buy her house was black. Now, I'm sure she is a nice Christian white lady, but let me ask you, does the Bible say to love your neighbor only if he's white? Does the Bible say to not covet your neighbor's wife unless she's black? No my brother, and sister. The Bible says nothing about racial bias, because if it said racial bias was OK, then we'd all be free to do it with the blessing of God. But the Bible doesn't say racial bias is right. Not once. Not at all.

So when the Jews were fleeing Egypt and stepped into the Promised Land, did the old white ladies who lived there at the time refuse to sell their homes? NO! NO! NO! The hand of God came down and smote any old white ladies who refused to sell, and then even the neighbors sold, and then the Jews lived where they belonged.We are looking for the justification of the nullification of a tribulation for this nation! Can I get an Amen? Thank you, Robert. And what we need to get for that poor black woman and the realtor who crusaded for her is vengeance. Vengeance in the form of a check from the realtors who would not sell. Vengeance in the form of a check from the old white lady. Vengeance in the form of a check from the government. For they fought the Pharisees and Sadducees of our time, with great pain and suffering, but they must also have great rewards, just as they will have in paradise.

What we need as a community is action. We need people to go out there and put offers on houses they can't afford and then sue the owners of those houses. Big houses and little houses. Brown houses and white houses. From Delafield to Delevan. From Menomonee Falls to Muskego. From Wales to Wauwatosa. Even River Hills, and all the hills and valleys will belong to us if we sue for them.

And when we win those houses in payment for seven hundred years of servitude and ingratitude, we will bring dark skin and harmony to the countryside. White folks all over this nation can move into our rickety 1920's homes with cold natural hardwood floors and useless built in china cabinets because we'll be in the Promised Land where our children will behave like little white children and our lawns will be neatly manicured, and no crime will follow us, and no housing market crash will follow us, and those Hmong sure as Hell best not follow us. Amen

Sunday, January 20, 2008 6347
Jessica Simpson blamed for Packers poor play in NFC Championship game.
Wednesday, November 30, 2011 5406
Scott Walker says the NBA has dropped the ball in settling with its union thug employees, claiming he could have devised a much better deal for the owners using techniques he learned while creating a better system for management/employee relations in Wisconsin. “I think I have some experience in dealing with greedy workers,” said Walker, while campaigning at a factory in Manitowoc. Walker went on to outline a multiple-step process that David Stern should have implemented in dealing with the union: (comments are based on what Walker told a college-educated intern, who wrote them down)

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