The state of Wisconsin is currently considering adding another season for all you hunters out there. Now you could have the chance to legally harvest those wall mounting cardinal, finches, and orioles that have been hanging out around your bird feeder, instead of just the squirrels.Wisconsin State Representative Joel Kleefisch, a Republican and a real man, has proposed a bill that will allow the hunters of Wisconsin a chance to knock down the overpopulated songbird population. Joel stated in a recent interview, “I’m tired of having to fill my bird feeder twice a day in order to feed all those songbirds.”In light of the passing of the bill for mourning dove hunting in 2001 in the state allowing hunting of them for the first time since 1918, hunters are hoping this will also be passed. Jeb Franken stated in an interview: “I’ve been picking off them stupid squirrels for years around my feeder, but what I really want is a nice cardinal roast for supper one of these days. I hope this will be a step in the right direction.”

Hunters around the state are planning on holding a rally on the square in Madison on March 14th to show support for this policy change, and to show off their new songbird hunting gear.Politicians are showing mixed reactions to the topic and appear to be split down the middle. Paul Ryan (R), a representative from Waukesha county said, “I’m sick of these hunters always getting their way and being able to hunt everything in the woods or their front yards. We need to leave some parts of nature alone.”Hunters and non hunters can agree that Wisconsin has a great number of songbirds, some of which can be very annoying when you’re trying to sleep. Companies like Kaytee are making a considerable amount of money off consumers who purchase their products to help fatten up these songbirds. The DNR however feels it will be able to make a considerable amount of money off of songbird stamps for hunting that could be put back into the state instead of being made by a company like Kaytee.The debate will continue in the coming weeks on this matter. Be sure to let you local representative know how you feel on this so that your voice is heard.

Sunday, July 06, 2008 15386
Milwaukee’s Common Council has decided that its 2008 crackdown on violent and illegal fireworks was so successful that next year they will vote on a gun ban on the holiday. Milwaukee police focused on threatening to issue hefty tickets of up to $1000 for the discharge of fireworks, as well as up to 40 days in jail for not paying the fines. Parents whose children lit one up could have faced fines up to $1000 as well.
Wednesday, November 23, 2016 12324
Saturday Night Live's Colin Jost joked that Tinder's move to make 37 gender identity options available was why Hillary lost the election. A Romper article made the argument, in majestically ivory towerish tones, that it's unfair to blame the results of the election on "a hurting, marginalized community with a history of collective trauma and erasure from the national discourse, staggering murder rates, and housing, employment, and legislative discriminations at every turn." EXACTLY Jost's point from the outset. 90% of Americans think 37 gender identity options is moronic. HALF of those people still voted for Hillary. 98% of Americans think pretentious articles written by LGBTQ+&# advocates are way more annoying than Donald Trump. 1% did not understand the question.

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