Milwaukee 6th District Alderman Michael Jackson McGee Jr. took time off from fighting a local recall effort to fortify his position as a leading activist for black rights. Speaking at a hastily called urgent press conference, Alderman McGee took great exception to the characterization of black ice being a danger to the community.


“All this talk on the radio and on television about black ice being a danger to drivers in the community is another example of the racist community in which we live. I know that spin-outs are a concern to all in the city. But laying blame at the door of black ice is outrageous. People need to know and accept that black ice is not a menace. Black ice is the victim here and will now have to deal with this stigma for life.”

Describing what it would take to fix the problems of black ice, McGee carried on: “To fix the problems of black ice, we as leaders need to make sure that the police officers who respond to spin-outs have the right backgrounds and are properly trained. We shouldn’t worry so much about what problems black ice causes, but the causes of black ice making problems. For example, I hold John Malan responsible for the current episode of black ice.”

When asked about the local recall effort against him, McGee responded, “I want my brothers and sisters to know what is important to me. So, I am taking time that I really need to fight off this unwanted recall effort, to let all my peeps know, that no matter what is going on with me, if you are black, I am there for you. Black ice, black-eyed peas, black limousines, black hookers, black coffee, black Venezuelan oil, black panthers, whatever man. If it’s black, them’s my constituents and I care.” When asked to explain himself further, Mr. McGee unrolled a poster that read “Black Ice!” and retreated into his office.

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Wednesday, December 31, 1969 34621
Videotaped Confession Trounces RumorsWhile he may look great in an expensive suit, Herb Kohl finally admitted Tuesday that he is, in fact, straight. This revelation may come as a surprise to the homosexual community and the Shepherd Express, but actual footage of the senator admitting his orientation can be seen as well in some older Milwaukee Bucks video footage obtained by Real Wisconsin News. In the footage, Big Dog Glenn Robinson asks Senator Kohl if he’d like a sip of his Kool Aide, and Senator Kohl clearly states, “No thanks, Dog. I’m straight.” Big Dog seems to answer with, “I gotcha, big man.
Sunday, August 05, 2007 50292
The Milwaukee Gun Buyback Program has done little to stop violent crimes in the city, so some in the community are suggesting alternatives that may result in a safer city without having to pay people to go and steal guns. The program has paid up to $150 for handguns and sawed-off shotguns, and while a few hundred guns have been taken off the streets, critics maintain that the system is flawed. The main reason why gun buyback programs do not work, they maintain, is because there are simply too many guns in the United States. In fact, nearly eight million guns are sold yearly (legally), and people in the US own 200 - 250 million guns.

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