I didn’t read the babe’s blog, but I guess she’s probably decent looking, or else no one would have cared that she was going to stop wearing yoga pants or spandex or whatever. Am I right? If some 300 pounder or some crack addict wanted to find Christ and stop looking and acting disgusting, no one cares, but when some hot Christian mom decides to cut her husband off from some eye candy, we’re all going to weigh in on it. Had that same hot Christian wife started a porn website or murdered her husband, it would have had pretty much the same effect. The point is, even a sexy Christian woman wants to NOT call attention to her assets, she has to get rid of what makes her sexy. If not, she’s just wasting what God gave her and kidding herself.



Let’s just assume the husband is good with this blogger not wearing sexy clothes, presumably because he’d rather get her out of the clothes when he’s around. That’s hot. If he comes home from work and catches her in baggy jogging pants and a flannel shirt and wants to hump her till the cows come home, high fives to that guy. However, if he just spent half of his day staring at the twenty year-old intern, imagining how she wiggled into that tight skirt, mamma might wanna put a little sexy on for her man.


I’m sure when Hot Christian Wife is home alone and Mr. Plumber has to come over and look for plugged-up holes, her husband probably expects her to wear the baggies and flannel.  However, if he gets invited to a class reunion and the plumber’s going to be there, Christian Husband will expect his wife to make Mr. Plumber a bit envious. If not, there’s no real point of going to the reunion. In fact, if she’s not going to look like a sexy Christian wife, there’s no real point in taking her anywhere: that intern would do just fine.  


As any old lady or hot girl who got fat after childbirth will tell you, if you got it, flaunt it. You don’t have to make out with the mailman or have the unemployed neighbor across the street ravage you from behind up against the washing machine, but what’s the fun of being good-looking if nobody knows it? Yes, purity is an important part of being a Christian, and if the cable man wants to drill into more than the wall, it’s hurting his eternal soul and all, but since he’s a man, he’d be thinking about his coaxial cable even if Christian Mom wasn’t picking the baby’s bottle up off the ground with both hands around the shaft, standing over the sink to wipe it off.


Surely, Christian Wife’s hubby will also stop doing anything that makes him appealing to women. Interestingly, men do not have to wear tight pants to make their cocks look big in order to be sexy to women. They have to do things like be funny or nice, or have just a touch of grey, or smile or have a deep voice or square jaw. Her husband should probably stop flaunting his man juice all over the office in order to show he respects his wife.


Young, pretty, and sexy women are hot no matter what they wear--that’s why we’ve locked them away or tried to cover them up for thousands of years. If Christian Husband loves his wife enough to not care how she looks except for the one time per week she’s massaging his balls, then he should by all means encourage her to stop tempting other men. Or if wearing yoga pants gives her yeast infections. If, however, the way his hot Christian wife looks helps him to maintain an erect love for her and not ask the intern to let him sign her documents with his pen,  then he should fight against a wife who wants to keep her cookies in the cupboard. Let her know she’s sexy and not sinful. Or sinful in a good, married way that God intended. On his fiftieth wedding anniversary, wouldn’t he rather be thinking of his wife, back in the day, wearing her French maid outfit while cleaning the house or her yoga pants while doing yoga in front of the TV instead of his neighbor’s daughter? Probably depends on what the neighbor’s daughter is wearing.


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  • Wanna Get Flamed on NextDoor in Jacksonville? Suggest Masks
    A neighbor went to a local ice cream shop where none of the employees were wearing masks, so she posted that she did not order anything and asked if anyone knew the manager. She wasn't really irate or mean-spirited in her post, just saying she was surprised that the business had no mask policy on Mothers' Day, 2020. We learn later in the post that she has a family member who has contracted the virus and another one who works at a hospital, which she mentions after some of the comments.
  • Rosa Parks Homeless Park?
    Rosa Parks Homeless Park
    I've driven past the Rosa Parks Transit Station several times since it closed, and I noticed that quite a few homeless individuals line the streets nearby. Since a bus terminal is an eyesore already, and this one is just fenced off, I was wondering if maybe we'd be better off just combining two eyesores into one, making the Rosa Parks Homeless Park out of the bus station. 
  • A Month Later, Still No Federal Unemployment in Florida
    I quit a job as a teacher just before Covid-19 hit because I figured I couldn't stay safe in the classroom with my rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis (and all the meds I was taking to suppress my immune system). Of course, that was two weeks before schools closed for the year. Oh well, not a big deal, right? Even if I don't technically qualify for Florida's rinky-dink unemployment, at least I'd be getting the $600 from the federal government to help cover the Lyft and Uber rides I was not taking to avoid getting and spreading the virus. After trying hundreds of times, I sent my unemployment form in the mail. A month later, I got an email telling me to log into the same broken-down Connect system in order to submit myself to more torture, since it's still broken-down as of May 20th.
  • Profiles in Courage: Too Cool Cal From California
    I picked up this guy from California who mostly just coughed his way through the ride, so I didn't get to know him real well. I am sure that's for the best. I like to have a positive opinion of my riders, if at all possible, but you know how first impressions go. It's sad when you end up with a lasting negative impression of someone, but I think some people try really hard to make sure that's exactly what you get. And it was more than just a little coughing (actually, a lot of coughing) that caused my impression, albeit not that much more. 
  • Getting Accepted to Every College

    When I saw the article about a local Jacksonville student getting accepted to all the Ivy League colleges, I assumed he was a very good student who lacked some direction or guidance. Heck, I applied to at least two colleges back in the day, just to have a back up. And I probably should have made it a third, since I did end up going to a local commuter college rather than one where I could play football and be a big man on campus. So I kind of understand applying to several universities, just in case something doesn't work out. If your goal is to attend an Ivy League school, and it really doesn't matter which one, then I guess applying to all of them is a good idea. Then it's just a bonus if you get accepted to all of them, and you can spend a little more time deciding. I am sure there are plenty of stories of students who have applied to every Ivy League college and not gotten into ANY of them. Sure, no one really wants Cornell when you could have Harvard, Princeton, or Yale, but it's probably an OK backup plan.
  • Mountain Style Home in Jacksonville?
    I was surprised to see a vacant lot for sale about a mile away from my house because it's in a neighborhood with homes built in the 1990s. What was even more surprising, however, was the description that began with:

    Great opportunity to build a mountain style home on this attractive lot.

  • Watch Out For Local Truck For Sale Scam
    I was talking to someone who was admiring my new vehicle. In the conversation, she told me she had nearly been scammed out of $800 in a deal for a truck that was too good to be true. Luckily, she pulled the plug on the deal because she discussed it with others who helped her to see the truth. I started thinking that there are likely a lot of people who are social distancing and not able to ask friends for advice, making them more susceptible to scams. Let's take a look at how this truck scam works.
  • Drunken Army Vet With a Bad Attitude Tests My Patience
    Sometimes, you can't really win, so it's best just to play along. I got a Lyft ride call recently for a guy, we'll call him G.I. Joe, who called almost as soon as I accepted the ride. He started complaining about how he'd been dropped off and was waiting at a bus stop. I told him I just got the call, so it wasn't really my fault. When I got to the bus stop, he was smoking a cigarette and drinking booze out of a tumbler. Luckily, he threw out the cigarette and got in, but he didn't have to tell me (though he did) that he was blind drunk at noon. 
  • LyftUber In-Car Electronic Conversation Starter
    I am not always the best at starting conversations, but I am pretty adept at talking once I get going. That's why I decided to create a slide show for my rideshare vehicle. I'll go through a bit of what I wanted to create and how I ended up getting it done.
  • Please Won't You Be My Neighbor
    My neighbors next door just moved out, and I am looking for a responsible family to move in. Here's what I'm looking for in my new neighbor, even though it's not my rental property and I don't have any real say in who lives there.

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