The Green Bay Packers have requested an investigation by the NFL into the abuse the team has received at the hands of other teams so far this season. Mike McCarthy officially requested action from the league following his team's second loss of the season to the Detroit Lions. Though the Packers were not the first to get smacked around by an unemployed loved one in Detroit, the team felt it deserved better. 
"There are no acceptable excuses for the kind of abuse we've received at the hands of offensive lines against our defensive front or pass blitzes against our blocking schemes," said coach Mike McCarthy. "They've been treating Jordy Nelson like he's one of the Nelson twins and bending Clay Matthews over like he's a long-haired bitch." The team says that since the abusive situations have been caught on film, the league should be able to review the events and take appropriate action against the Packers' opponents this year. 
The Packers were able to sneak away from the Jets at home because the visiting team didn't keep both hands wrapped around Aaron Rodger's throat after having repeatedly and effectively raped the defense in the first half. Since the NFL wants to protect its image, the Packers hope that league officials will help the team avoid unsafe situations. "Just because our linemen aren't pretty enough or strong enough or smart enough does not mean that other teams have the right to throw us around like Adrian Peterson's  baby. I know that sounds really bad, and that's because it is really bad," said a random drunk fan at a bar after the Detroit game. Added Ray Rice, who is an avid Packers fan: "If I would have pimp slapped my wife in the elevator the way the Packers have gotten beat down by the Seahawks, Jets, and Lions, I would have served actual jail time rather than making speeches at spousal abuse centers. By the way, talk about a nice place to meet some women!" 
Unfortunately, people involved in abusive relationships have trouble moving on, which the Packers have proven by the team's desire to believe in Dom Capers. "He doesn't mean to hurt us," claims one defensive player who wanted to remain anonymous. "He just doesn't really know what he's doing. Besides, we're naughty and ugly and weak, so it's really our fault, anyhow." 
Saturday, August 25, 2007 10959
by Dan Brubus I told my cousin not to buy that house with his weak-ass resources, but my family said I was trying to ruin his dream. Now I’m waiting for the call to help them move all their crap back out and into a hole of an apartment.
Sunday, December 23, 2007 6334
So you got all the crappy Christmas gifts you can handle, and you decide it's time to get yourself what you really want: a home theater room.

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