The pain was too severe back in 2007, but now we barely remember. 


The Official Real Wisconsin News Living Shrine to Barbaro


Real Wisconsin News would like to take this opportunity to thank the owners of Barbaro and all other race horses who allow the masses to enjoy the refined lifestyle you all live FOR us. You are great Americans, who save us from watching coq fights and eating Funions in our backyards. Instead, we are allowed to watch men and women in designer clothing place bets bigger than our mortgages on horses that are worth more than the life insurance policies on our loved ones. Thank you for your generosity, and please, keep on riding!


Still after all of these weeks think of you and what could have been.   Hope you are in a better world now as you were a true fighter and champaion here on this earth.  Forever, missed. Karen

My cat is running faster than ever.  I think she got a piece of you in her kibble.  Thanks.  Kurt, Cudahy

Barbaro was, and still is, an inspiration to myself and many other fans across the world. He will truly be missed, but his memories will last forever. Rest in peace, Derby Champion--Kyle, River Hills

We'll miss you, Barbaro--Neil, Lake Geneva

You embodied everything that is great about our country--Janet, Brookfield

I can only hope to be one-tenth as successful as you--Pete, Fox Point

You were a candle in the wind, never knowing who to cling to when the rain set in--Lisa, Wauwatosa

Barbaro: You are a true champion and have left your impression on our souls. We will never forget you. Roy and Gretchen: Thank you for sharing Barbaro with us, such a majestic and brave creature. He will be missed--Jean, Waterloo

I wish my kids had the dedication you showed--Larry, Bay View

I still think about Barbaro, his owners, and Dr. Richardson everyday and am still deeply saddened. I pray for a cure for laminitis and pray blessings on your facility and the work you do there--Julia, Elm Grove

I wish we all could have had a chance to meet you--Dawn, Mequon

It seems like fake man legs are available for some of our troops when they get home from Iraq but no fake horse legs are available for a derby winner. 
That's just not right-- Bob, Waukesha

I hope you're in a better place now--Lindsay, Oak Creek

You showed me that I too can deal with the pain of my husband's infidelity--Tammy, Delafield

I am a better person because of you--Alan, Pewaukee

My heartfelt thanks go out to you and you unfortunate owners--Lou, Milwaukee

Barbaro-You will always be my inspiration. I hope you achieve your potential as a race horse in heaven. My condolences and thanks to all those who loved you and cared for you 'til the end--Lynn, Oconomowoc

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Wednesday, November 09, 2016 12401
Donald Trump won America over by telling it like it is, and the fact is that most female heads of state are not beautiful women. Trump has been reluctant to give specifics, but based on past criticism of women, it would make sense that only two female leaders would make the cut in a pageant. Those two would be President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic of Croatia and a younger version of President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner of Argentina. The rest of the female leaders would not tempt President-Elect Trump to kiss them uncontrollably or grab them anywhere without permission. Most female heads of state are simply not Mr. Trump's first choice. However, Trump has expressed interest in negotiations with Princess Kate, Princess Beatrice Borromeo (photo), and Princess Kay of the Milky Way, calling them all solid 8s, maybe 9s. Bill Clinton has confirmed that all female heads of state and princesses over the age of 22 are on his bucket list.
Friday, February 25, 2011 16135
Whether it's 2011 or 2015, unions appear to bring protesters from outside of Wisconsin to Madison to attempt to intimidate Scott Walker. Governor Scott Walker has said that out of state protesters now outnumber those from Wisconsin who are protesting the bill that would kill their unions. Real Wisconsin News investigated, studying photos taken at the protests. We found that not only is Walker right, but UW-Madison may be up to some of their old tricks doctoring photos to make the protests appear more multicultural. You be the judge: British police and an Asian mob? Scott Walker seems to be right.

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