Scott Walker says the NBA has dropped the ball in settling with its union thug employees, claiming he could have devised a much better deal for the owners using techniques he learned while creating a better system for management/employee relations in Wisconsin. “I think I have some experience in dealing with greedy workers,” said Walker, while campaigning at a factory in Manitowoc. Walker went on to outline a multiple-step process that David Stern should have implemented in dealing with the union: (comments are based on what Walker told a college-educated intern, who wrote them down)


  1. Convince people the employees make a lot more money than anyone else. “If I could convince most of Wisconsin that teachers make a lot more than them, it would not have been difficult to do with NBA players, who make as much in one game as teachers make in an entire year.”

  2. Convince people the employees do a lot less than everyone else. “Everyone knows that teachers don't work all summer and get hours off to plan during the school day. NBA players only work 80-some days a year, and they don't even play the full three hours. So they might even work less than lazy teachers.”

  3. Convince people anyone can do it. “We were able to establish that most teachers are not that effective and that teacher-training programs are not difficult, so mediocre students become teachers. While some people might think that controlling thirty kids per hour is a lot of work, most people now believe that they could also teach and that schools are failing. Most people already watch basketball games knowing what each player should be doing, so all Stern had to do is play up the idea that anyone really could do it and that a lot of talent exists in college ball in case the pros want to retire early.”

  4. Convince people they're lazy. “It's not a stretch once we know teachers get paid a lot and don't work a lot, but what you need to do is choose extreme cases of laziness and establish that as the norm. Like teachers who check out early and never volunteer to stay after school to help the kids they're failing. Basketball players often skip practice and hang out in locker rooms listening to ipods. That looks lazy, unlike private sector employees, who always work all day long.”

  5. Demonstrate that the industry as a whole and all its other employees will not survive unless the union gives in. “This is an important step. People need to relate to the ushers and coaches and everyone else who might be out of work because of the greedy union thugs. They especially need to feel for the owners, though, because the owners are the ones who put up all the money and shoulder all the risk, and if the owners cannot make money, they will no longer own the teams and the teams will fold, putting more people out of work. The owners in schools are the taxpayers. The best method to create a similar effect in the NBA is to convince fans they 'own' the team.”

  6. Establish that unions are the cause of it all. “If no unions existed, players would just get paid what they are worth, and the best players would get the most. If a player is good enough, he doesn't need to worry about injuries or retirement because he'll be playing and making a lot of money. Plus, he'll be able to keep the union dues you're getting scammed out of. Management needs to show that some players play below expectations or get injured and eat away at the amount the team can offer another player. If the union members really cared about the game, they'd willingly give money back to the team in order to help it survive. Same thing for teachers: if teachers really love the children they teach, they'd be willing to do it for less and work more, but the unions stop this from happening.”

  7. Provide tools and choice. “Make the unions think that they are getting tools that will make it better for them in the long run. It doesn't matter if there are any tools besides getting less money, because the word “tools” implies work, and people understand that tools are important in doing work, something teachers and NBA players aren't used to doing.”

  8. Divide and conquer. “If all else fails, and the union is still intact, make an offer that targets a majority. For example, if most of the players are under 30, then make a provision that does not guarantee contracts to players over 30. Then, next contract you can target rookie pay. Then you target multi-year deals by European-born players. Whatever. Just get them believing that they'll get a better deal overall if they sacrifice just a few of their fellow union members. This is also a good way to start before #1 if you just want a slightly more favorable contract. School districts were doing this for at least ten years before their unions got busted.”

  9. No matter what, keep saying that it's working. “Whether you use talentless scabs or employees claim their work conditions are making them depressed, maintain that the changes are working and the tools are making it possible to improve. The key here is that profit for the owners (or corporate supporters) continues to increase, and eventually people (including the employees) will get used to the new standard. Then, wait a few contract cycles and start over again.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008 5542
Real Wisconsin New's editorial staff after much painstaking drunken debate has come to the conclusion that of the four major political candidates left running for President, only Mike Huckabee is likely to lead us to Armageddon. Therefore, primarily at the behest of Beav who has a soft spot for evangelical-right-wing-nut-jobs with good TV smiles, Real Wisconsin News endorses " Anybody But Huckabee ."
Wednesday, October 12, 2016 17529
After Bill Clinton did not have sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky by getting blow jobs, male students across the country began using The Slick Willie argument with their female classmates, and fellatio became a part of the normal high school rite of passage in the late 90s (to the dismay of all males who graduated in the early 90s). A similar phenomenon is beginning to occur at schools, including those with conservative values: spying on naked girls, uncontrollable kissing, and pussy grabbing. It’s the result of Donald Trump’s revelation that doing this to women is one of his favorite activities. While male high school students have always wanted sex, they have generally asked for it or hoped that situations, such as prom, would naturally lead to it. Bill Clinton’s revolutionary take on sexual relations made oral sex more palatable for young women, leading to such possible events as rainbow parties. These impressionable girls saw a man they respected saying it was not sexual to perform oral sex, so they could feel confident that it was fine to do so. Similarly, young men who respect Donald Trump for his wealth, power, and honesty are now taking his advice about relationships. Guidance counselors all over the nation are reporting an uptick in boys calling girls names, such as fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals. Sometimes worse. However, bullying is nothing new. There is also a notable increase in peeping in locker rooms because of recent allegations that Donald Trump owned beauty pageants so he could look at naked women and girls, though there’s always been such shenanigans. Uncontrollable kissing and pussy grabbing are very new, however, and they are being treated as criminal, even if it’s something The Donald does at will. One high school girl claims she was assaulted by a boy she barely knew during physical education class. “He didn’t even say anything. He just started kissing my neck and cheek while I was waiting for class to start. And then he put his hand on my privates.Gross!” One element that has not been repeated at the nation’s schools is the act of “grabbing” the pussy. All reports have involved touching, rubbing, or attempted digital penetration. By definition, grabbing is “to grasp or seize suddenly and roughly.” While this did happen to the penis of one young man who touched a classmate’s pussy region, no reports of actual pussy grabbing have been reported. Dr. Pam Schmeer explains, “According to Yahoo Answers, the pussy and vagina are interchangeable terms, but the pussy often refers to both internal and external parts of female genitalia, meaning Donald Trump would have been referring to the vulva, or the external part, that includes the labia and clitorus.” The doctor went on to explain that grabbing the pussy lips, even for someone with extremely small hands, would be difficult given the fact that the external parts of the pussy do not protrude out very far. She suggested 2-5mm. She also suggested a grab would not be as much of a turn on as a foot massage, running hands gently through one's hair, or ear licking. That said, gym teachers all over the nation are using grab-puss instead of grab-ass to describe students not working on the task at hand, as in, “Hey, gentlemen, could you stop playing grab-puss long enough to finish your stretching?” Whereas men were allowed to “goose” women decades ago without so much as a lawsuit, the consensus is that if Trump becomes president, men can expect a handful of pussy whenever they see a pretty face. While Donald Trump asserts that all women whose pussies were grabbed were willing participants in his dalliances, some have called for an investigation. However, no woman has come forward to confirm her pussy was grabbed by Donald Trump against her will, suggesting that Trump was correct in his assertion that money and power leads to pussy being there for the grabbing. Unfortunately, most high school boys have neither money nor power, so these young men will be the ones to pay by being added to the sex offender registry for the next two decades.

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