Scott Walker received a mandate from state voters, and that mandate is to create new jobs, so teachers and other people with more advanced degrees than the governor should stop whining and get on with their lives. As an independent consultant, I've known tough times over the past two years, and the people that take my $20,000 a year in property taxes sure as sunshine better learn to deal with less, too. It's for the betterment of society that you sacrifice for others, especially if you happen to be a bleeding-heart liberal to begin with.

Whenever I drive past a school on my way to a business meeting in my BMW, I'm always surprised to see so many new cars in the teacher lots. Sure, they're Hyundais and Toyotas and other marks I'd never be caught dead in, but why aren't they all driving Chevy Celebrity station wagons? Maybe it's because they're trying to live well beyond their means, or because they're getting paid too much of my money. These are public employees. They can use public transportation.

Teachers also get a full three months off in the summer to go and work the fields with their friends the immigrants. If they want my taxes to send immigrants and poor children to school for free, then they can pick some produce along with their students' parents and make ends meet that way. They could also start a rock band or some other sort of degenerate artistic offering for the rest of us to enjoy. Why not work the local fairs?

The reason why teachers don't go out there and get all kinds of other jobs is because they're lazy and overpaid. If I couldn't make six-figures working thirty hours a week, then I'd just work thirty-five and have a little less golf in my life. But I sure as hell am not going to work more hours in order to send my neighbors' kids to school to get indoctrinated in socialism.

What job could be easier than teaching a dozen or so kids about facts you learned when you were in the same grade? Think about it. Read a few lines of poetry and play a filmstrip of Nanook of the North, and then have the kids write a little something about their feelings. How are our kids going to get ahead and own their own businesses if they don't know basic skills like lying to someone's face or manipulating sales reports?

Since the end game is to make all unions obsolete, I fully support the governor in his quest. You don't even know how many times I've had to adjust sales projections because labor costs ate into the profit, and I'm talking about union labor costs. Since labor unions want high standards of living for people who sweat at work, then we all have to get paid less when we invest in companies with unions, and the products we buy cost more. If more blue-collar workers would just live in apartments, stop having kids, and realize that unions hurt their employers, our state would have so many more jobs for their out-of-work neighbors, including those teachers who will need summer jobs working security at Summerfest.

My message for all of you in labor unions is to put away about $40,000 per year and invest it wisely like I do. Then you don't have to worry as much about losing things like health care when you retire or getting fired for being a liberal propagandist. If you're too poor to put away a few thousand dollars a year, then maybe you need a better job that really does something important for our future, like marketing or insurance sales.

Friday, August 17, 2007 19311
State lawmakers in Madison face the daunting task of trying to improve Wisconsin’s business climate as numbers released recently indicate that Wisconsin ranks 44th in the nation. Wisconsin is not seen as a place where businesses thrive, and taxes are seen as too high, so corporations avoid starting up or relocating to the state. However, Wisconsin officials will be looking to change the negative perceptions into positive ones in the coming years through an initiative called “Free Wisconsin.”
Wednesday, November 30, 2011 5407
Scott Walker says the NBA has dropped the ball in settling with its union thug employees, claiming he could have devised a much better deal for the owners using techniques he learned while creating a better system for management/employee relations in Wisconsin. “I think I have some experience in dealing with greedy workers,” said Walker, while campaigning at a factory in Manitowoc. Walker went on to outline a multiple-step process that David Stern should have implemented in dealing with the union: (comments are based on what Walker told a college-educated intern, who wrote them down)

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