Dear Biker Chick

Recently my boyfriend tried to stick his brat between my buns.  I was not too happy as he didn't even ask and there wasn't enough space between the buns to get that meat in there, if you know what I mean.  Also, it was a dry sandwhich which complicated things.  Anyway, I bucked him like a bike with too much weight to the back on a quick start and knocked him off the bed.  Now he's mad at me even though I'm willing to give it another try.  What should I do to get him back in the saddle? 

Signed Dirt Rhoda

Well Dirt, you did the right thing showing him who the boss is.  It's one thing to take liberties when you're somewhat expecting it, butt a surprise attack on the rear flank during a dry spell is ruthless.  Let him know how you feel by grabbing his brat again and dragging him back to the bedroom by it.  Make sure there is ample lubrication for your chassis on the bedstand and tell him to take off his pants.  Now here's where you have a decision to make.  You can either nibble on this brat a little and with a wet finger play with his inner buns to help him understand the proper mechanics, or you can just stick your buns up in the air and hope he figures it out.  I'd recommend the former as most men aren't smart enough or patient enough to figure it out without a little demonstartion first.  Also, putting the brat in your mouth a bit will make him forgive and forget anything he's irritated with you for, even though he clearly deserved being bucked.

Friday, July 27, 2007 22810
A chemical that causes cancer in California (PCB) is responsible for the closing of numerous Milwaukee area playing fields, most of which are used by active adults as precursors to drinking and possible relations with the opposite sex. Because of the closings, local ath-elites may need to find new ways to sneak away from their families or have a legitimate reason to drink excessively. Local Ath-elites Compete in Grueling Kick-the-ball Match
Monday, February 21, 2011 19453
My servants live in the servants' quarters near the back doors in my house. They may be from The Ukraine, but they work hard for their money and never complain. Our state's public servants want to live better than the people they serve, but they should really accept their lots in life and live in the general squalor their positions entitle them to.

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