What are your radio settings on, Milwaukee?

Do you set your favorites so you can be a push away from your favorite radio talk show, sports game or music station? If so, keep 103.7 FM off of it. Kiss, your station is bad.... and I mean....bad. The channel 6 news on 87.7 am is better. Hell, I'd rather listen to the robot on the traffic report staion! What is the goal of all radio staions? Well, to have the listeners fucking understand and enjoy what's on it for one. There is no station filled with more crap than Kiss. Its downright brainwashing. I mean playing the same Fergie song over and over, so much so that you hear it four times in one our is one thing; having to listen to their promos are another.  What about that voice shouting garbage instructions about local bars and clubs offering ladies night free drink specials and $1 Michelob bottles for the guys, thats right! How does that make us guys feel? A little left out!? Less fourtunate? Girls get in free and guys drink some shit that would't even sell from a rummage sale cooler? Go ahead guys, indulge. Kiss said so, and it's alright. Like heards they will romp to that bar like douchebags do in search of this golden offer which to them seems to have an expiration of 10:30pm.
At this point I bet you're wondering; how does this poor excuse of a radio station keep stinking up the airwaves so well? There is a well calculated formula. Okay, We know Kiss plays shitty music and tapes down the repeat button on certian tracks in coordination with selections from a hat. And, we know they employ annoying asshole announcers who are most likely high school dropouts who need their studio position in order to get laid. So, what is keeping them short of the perfect trifecta? Their morning show. "Wes, Rhany, and Alley" "Like, OMG!" Although original, they could'nt call it something else other than the first names of the hosts? If you have the patients of 3rd grader or lower then you might want to apply as an intern because I'm sure they can add your name and make it 4 people as the title with no problem! But, whatever you do, DON'T LISTEN. One of their recient "big stories" was that Paris Hilton was in jail, and the morning show proceded to test what jail was actually like. So,they locked Rhany in a dog cage. Thats right, whats more realistic then a being inside a critter carrier on all fours? If you think I'm joking about Wes and the gang, hit up their main page. Accoring to their web site "Rhany whined the whole time just like a real dog!, check out the pics!" 
Friday, February 08, 2008 34171
America is buzzing about the new diet sensation long thought to be only an eating disorder: Pica. The diet allows people to eat anything they want, as long as the food is made up of non-nutritive substances. As an added bonus, the food is inexpensive and commonly found around the house. Dr. Karen Gregory, founder of the diet, claims anyone can lose unwanted pounds by simply ingesting a multitude of substances they cannot digest. Of course, some real food is required, and the Pica Brand, Inc. is selling snack bars to fulfill that particular need. Pica as an actual eating disorder causes people to inexplicably eat such items as soil, chalk, paper, and coal, as well as food ingredients, like flour. “It’s easier than cooking, anyhow,” said one woman, who lost fifty pounds during Phase I of the diet. “I’m a teacher, so whenever I got that hungry feeling, I’d just reach for some chalk. Sometimes I’d even mix things up a bit and eat the colored chalk. It doesn’t taste any different, but I can imagine it’s fruit or candy.” While danger exists for children suffering from Pica who eat lead paint, nails, or other dangerous non-nutritive substances, adults are generally more intelligent, and can choose what they eat with more discretion. “While someone suffering from Pica might decide to eat feces or drink urine, we do not recommend those for this diet,” said Gregory. “And, honestly, the body can handle only so many metal objects, so we tend to recommend items that are not completely socially unacceptable or dangerous. Wood, ice, or hair are better alternatives. These items are all-natural, and will not add an ounce of fat to your body!” Some in the food industry are crying foul over the new diet, saying people will suffer unknown problems as a result. However, a large percentage of the food industry also uses high fructose corn syrup in the food it markets, and that particular ingredient is widely seen as not only non-nutritive, but also as non-satisfying. While a person eating tree bark or shoe leather feels somewhat satisfied after a meal, someone eating (often fat-free) items filled with high fructose corn syrup will never feel full. Gregory said, “People become obese because corn syrup can’t fill them up. No matter how strange it may seem, dirt fills you up.” Unfortunately for the people who use the Pica diet, like most other diets, the menu tastes horrible. Therefore, people will likely wean themselves off of lead-free paint chips and fried starch, and go back to potato chips and fried chicken. Gregory suggests testing to see if an individual is ready for the Pica Diet, so go ahead and eat that TPS report sitting in front of you. if you can keep it down, you may just have found the replacement for that before-lunch candy bar.
Wednesday, January 02, 2013 10444
Cliff Clavin, longtime patron of Cheers bar, is said to be no longer welcome to step up to the bar where everybody knows his name as "Fiscal Cliff." The other patrons at the bar had been complaining that they had to spend their time drinking away their problems next to a mail carrier whose salary "rapes our wallets." Norm, often seen as Cliff's best bar friend, had this to say: "Being a straight painter who works for myself, I can't stand freeloaders who work cushy government jobs and then use my tax money to get wasted every day after work. If he wants to get drunk, then he can start his own business and use that money to buy booze." The jabs keep coming here:

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